Air Conditioner Water Heater

How It works ?

This Water Heater is connected between the compressor and the condensing unit of air conditioning system. The super-heated refrigerant from the air-conditioning system passes through a helical copper heat exchanger thereby transfering its heat to the cold inlet water within the double walled container of the water heater. In the process, the temperature of the refrigerant is reduced, resulting in the dual benefit of usable hot water and higher air conditioning efficiency.


The Elton Air Conditioner Water Heater is designed to operate with any brand of air conditioning system, and also in accordance to the usage and requirement of customers. It is installed to ensure the best possible performance, maximum safety and very low maintenance or practically no maintenance.


This Air Conditioner Water Heater supply enough hot water for the operations of installations, hot water is always available either drizzle or rainy days. Air Conditioner Water Heater is especially invaluable in hotels, beauty salons, hospitals, household, gyms & spas, restaurants, and all kind of industrial applications.

Model & Information

Technical & Specification

General Features

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