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ELTON has over 47 years experience in manufacturing water heater. We start with manufacturing electric storage water heater as well as some other household appliances. Within a short span of time ELTON brand water heating system became a Malaysian household name which is synonymous with reliability, total safety and advanced technology.


ELTON took a step forward. Through the process of evolution and our “never ending” quest for quality improvement, we introduces our “stainless steel” range of electric water heater in which stainless steel is decidedly the superb and ultimate material for manufacture of the highest quality of water heaters, surpassing all other existing materials including mild steel, enamel, copper and glass lining.. till today.

Due to the rapid housing development and progress in the standard of living, the demand for electric water heaters in terms of quantity increased tremendously. at the same time, the need for changes in appearance and different features also arise. Hence, to cater to a growing sophisticated market, we have developed the Electric Instant Water Heater in order to enable our consumers to have wide range of choice.


During the same period, one of our water heater product which we proudly developed and manufactured is the “first of its kind” “ENERGY-Free” Air Conditional Water Heater. The “Energy-free” Air Conditional Water Heater is connected between the compressor and the condensing unit of air conditioning system. the super-heated refrigerant from the air conditioning system passes through a helical copper heat exchange thereby transferring its heat to the cold water’s inlet within the double-walled container of the water heater. In the process, the temperature of the refrigerant is reduced, resulting in the dual benefit usable hot water and higher air conditioning efficiency.

Our full range of Electric Storage Heater, Instant Water Heater and “Energy-free” Air Conditional Water Heater are all available in Malaysian electrical store.

Water heaters used to be a luxuries household appliance. Today however, water heater become a household necessity as studies that hot showers are better for health especially after a physical workout.

After years and years of experience in field of manufacturing and marketing, ELTON MFG. (M) SDN BHD, being an established manufacturer realizes that our products need not only to meet up with the consumers’ expectations in quality and safety, but the AFTER-SALE SERVICE is equally, if not more important. Therefore, we are always well-stocked with plentiful of original spare parts and our experiences technicians or our authorized dealers throughout Malaysia will always be ready to serve our customers.

To meet the challenges of new millennium, ELTON MFG. (M) SDN BHD, has once again further improved both the Storage and Instant Water Heater with more advanced features as well as an attractively new facelift. Moreover, we have upgraded and steamlined all the machinery for higher production output to achieve economies of scale so that the prices of our ELTON Water Heaters are more affordable and competitive to meet the growing local and export markets.

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