Electrical Storage Water Heater & Electrical Instant Water Heater


On average hospitals require approximately 160 liters hot water per day for every occupant. Hot water is used for washing of the patient, laundry and cleaning of the building. Without enough hot water, a hospital could become dangerous quite quickly; it is hard to clean without proper water. There is a constant battle to sanitize and clean many surfaces within the facility. At peak demand rates, each occupant requires on average 30 liters hot water per hour. For a large hospital, this amount of water is very substantial. In addition to hot water consumption, at certain times of the year the hospital must either be heated or cooled to maintain proper comfort levels for occupants.

Hot water form by electricity and convert to heat energy then heat up the water. Our Electrical Storage Water Heater provides more than enough hot water throughout the entire building. The hot water can be used in variety of ways within the facility. It can provide hot water for hospitals up to 80°c, which can be used for cooking, cleaning or laundry (once brought to the suitable temperature). To learn more.

Spa & Salon

Hot water system for nail and beauty businesses nail and beauty businesses tend to have huge demands for hot water, more so than many other types of businesses. In addition to the typical restroom and kitchen needs for hot water, nail and beauty businesses require hundreds of gallons of hot water for hair washing, soaking, cleaning, sterilizing, and various types of hair, face and nail treatments. In order to keep costs down and profits up, these businesses demand a reliable, efficient hot water heater that can keep up the production of clean, hot water even at peak usage times.


Fortunately, Elton has the answer. We provide Electrical Instant Water Heater and Electrical Storage Water Heater for best hot water solutions. Elton water heater are super-safe and easy to use.
We provide our customer the right hot water heater for Nail Salon, Beauty Shop or Spa. Have a look on our variety of hot water heater.


Restaurants constantly have a need for hot water, and with business looking to cut down on overhead, Elton Electrical Storage Water Heater can be a great solution. Hot water is something that almost seems so common that its use can often go unnoticed. In commercial settings, this is especially the case. One of the most common places for water use is in a restaurant. Be it the cleaning of silverware and plates or for cooking, hot water is a necessary element of almost every phase of the kitchen.

In this case, Elton has the best solution for hot water uses in restaurant. We supply Electrical Storage Water Heater to fast food store within Malaysia, including Mc Donald, KFC, Texas Chicken and etc. With this installation, it will effectively full fill the need of hot water in the restaurant up to 100°c. To learn more about Elton Electrical Storage Water Heater, Click here.

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