Storage Water Heater


Question : My water heater storage tank is leaking.
Answer : This is the most common problem with an Electrical Storage Water Heater. An electric storage water heater may leak from either the top or the bottom, for such case, it may be caused by either a normal condensation, overflowed pipe due to excess pressure or loose piping. You may want to get a replacement for the Storage Water Heater or approach professional water heater service team to look into your case, call a qualified electrician to check and repair the piping system. Check out for new water heater!

Question : Why is my shower no hot water supplied ?
Answer : There are few scenarios in which there would be no hot water supply, which may be due to lost of electric supply, in which you may want to call for technician and check the circuit breaker. Or when the heating element has failed to heat the water in tank and it need of a replacement. This may also occur when the water gets too hot and trips the limit switch within, and as such, would need a replacement too. Look into our range of Storage Water Heater.

Question : Why is my water so hot ?
Answer : This would usually caused by the thermostat setting being too high or the thermostat may be faulty and needs replacement. You can check if the thermostat is set too high, and adjust accordingly. If after the adjustment and there are no changes, it is advised to get a professional to look into the matter. Call for support.

Question : My problem is not in the list.
Answer : Whatsapp Us for instant reply.

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